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    My friend Vivian and I got super crafty the other day. She taught me how to make photo transfers, a cool way to collage. Here are the steps for you to DIY your own creations!

    What you’ll need: Paper, some old magazines, Matte Medium (any kind, we used Mod Podge), a cheap brush, scissors, markers, a glue stick, and something to smooth out the magazines with (a bone folder or a popsicle stick).

    1. Cut out the photos that you want to use for your collage. Decide which ones you are going to do the photo transfer with, and which ones you will glue overtop.

    2. Take the photo that you want to transfer, and apply the Matte Medium with the brush on the side that you want (It will turn out as a mirrored image). Smooth out the brush strokes with your finger to make them disappear.

    3. Place the side with the Matte Medium down onto the paper, and smooth it out with the bone folder or popsicle stick.

    4. Let it dry for a few minutes, then peel it off all in one direction. It may take a few tries to get it right, and some magazines work better than others, so do a few test runs!

    5. Let the photo transfer dry, and then glue images and draw on top. Get creative!-alyson

    Aly and me on Vans Girls blog

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